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Lisa Leslie announces retirement

Sparks' Lisa Leslie cites balancing act in decision to retire

The WNBA icon who has a toddler daughter told teammates last year that this season would be her last. She says she won't come back in a year or two and ruled out coaching for now.

This didn't jump up and confront Lisa Leslie on Monday. Or some run-of-the-mill moment on a Monday in December.

The hard truth came last year.

Leslie, a pioneer and cornerstone of the WNBA, realized that the end of her storied basketball career was in sight and told her Sparks' teammates that this would be her final season.

On Wednesday, Leslie went public with that information and paid tribute to all those who had guided her on a long-and-winding journey, all the way from Inglewood Morningside High to a three-time league MVP to a four-time Olympic gold medalist.

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